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New Brit Premium by Nature

VAFO PRAHA, Premium by Nature from Brit

Introducing the new and improved premium dog food line Premium by Nature from Brit. Created to ensure our dogs enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness, the new formulas contain the best nature has to offer and are prepared using more real meat than any other product on the market in this category.   Moving dogs from granules to a predominantly meat-based diet is a strong and transparent statement to consumers who want to give their pets a high-quality natural food. The ingredients are blended into the formulas in ratios balanced to meet dogs' specific biological requirements. One half of a bag of Brit Premium by Nature is made up of real chicken meat, which guarantees delicious flavour and excellent digestibility. Blueberries, rosemary and apples supply vitamins and antioxidants to support the body's natural immune defences, while salmon oil improves the quality of the coat and skin and also helps maintain cardiovascular and nervous system health. The improved formulas contain collagen, which keeps the joints, bones, and teeth in top condition, and the low gluten content means greater digestibility and tolerance. They're also free of soya and genetically modified substances. Dogs want meat, and our customers want healthy and happy dogs. Brit Premium by Nature - it's in the bag. hall 7, stand 356


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