New products 2016/17 | Dog´s Nature


New brand: "Animal & Pureness"= AniPuro

AniPuro, Dog´s Nature

Authentic products with 100 per cent traceability to our German farmers. Careful selection: one secret of our great quality starts at the beginning of the whole value chain, from welfare-oriented cattle husbandry to good relations with our farmers. Naturalness: no fillers or meat meals. 100 per cent fresh meat and animal derivatives, gently dried in special ovens, all natural, great flavours without adding any preservatives. Quality inspection: every step in the production process is monitored closely and double checked. Certified by IFS representing a high standard for food processing plants. Handcrafted: at AniPuro we still value manual labour, making sure that only the best of the best items find their way into our bags. 24 products in the range already: proven classics like bull pizzles and rumen as well as innovative meat training treats with healing herbs, such as Hearties with oregano. 


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