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Made in the hills of the Himalaya

Kennelpak, Yakers dog chews

Kennelpak, Yakers dog chews

Kennelpak, based in Nottingham, England, has been overwhelmed with the response from wholesalers, retailers and consumers alike to its new Yakers dog chews, recently launched at Pats Sandown trade show in the UK. Initially launched in two sizes, medium and extra-large, the demand has been such that the company will now be introducing a small size, which will be available in early July. Made in the hills of the Himalaya using a mixture of yak and Himalayan cow milk, these long-lasting, natural, gluten-free, vegetarian chews are a hard cheese that slowly softens as the dog chews on it, according to Kennelpak. Using traditional methods, the chews are slowly smoke-dried over a 28-day period, to give them a unique flavour that dogs love.


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