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Grain-free crunchy snack

Animonda, Milkies grain-free crunchy snack

Animonda now presents Milkies as a grain-free crunchy snack. The new Milkies crunchy pillows aren't just crispy and tasty, they also help to support the well-being of a cat, says Lars Wiedemann, head of marketing at Animonda. Milkies Harmony Anti-Hairball reduces the annoying formation of hairballs, Milkies Balance with Omega 3 aids cat mobility, the biotin and vitamins in Milkies Wellness nurture the cat's hair and coat while Milkies Fresh Dental Care helps to prevent the development of dental plaque. Milkies contain less than 1.5 calories per piece and are available in a reclosable 30g package, according to the company. Just like all Animonda products, Milkies are guaranteed free of soya, sugars, flavour enhancers, artificial colourings and


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