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The Josi brand has lined up some new products for cats and dogs. Treats and wet food are being introduced to this range of pet food from the heart of Germany, adding even more flavour to the food on offer.

Josi wet food: as a reasonable addition and alternative to the brand's dry food range, a wide variety of JosiCat and JosiDog wet food was launched in March 2021. Seven varieties of cat food and five varieties of dog food offer delicious flavours in 400 g or 415 g cans. Josi's new products are designed with simple, species-appropriate ingredients and easily digestible recipes for an energetic everyday life.

Josi treats: another new addition to the shelves are three treat varieties for cats in 60 g sachets. Each variety brings its own unique benefits for your cat's exciting everyday life and is designed to meet their special requirements. Dogs will have four treat options in 90 g sachets to keep them going between meals.


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