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First Aid - Magen Darm Menu, a market innovation

Terra Canis, First Aid - Magen-Darm Menu, Stomach and Intestine Menu

In First Aid - Magen-Darm Menu (Stomach and Intestine Menu), Terra Canis once more launches a complete innovation onto the market that has not previously been seen in this form. Every dog owner has been there: your dog is listless, sluggish and needs to go out in the garden every half an hour. Acute stomach and intestinal problems are the most common everyday canine complaint. Every dog, however healthy and free of chronic stomach-intestinal diseases and food intolerances, goes down with them on average two or three times a year. The causes can vary: a temporary sensitivity of the stomach and intesti­nal tract, something rotten that your dog spotted in the bushes while out walking or a virus such as we humans are occasionally stricken by. Then it's a question of owners "feeding a bland diet" - lean chicken with carrots and cottage cheese to clear it up. Now Terra Canis has brought the first First Aid - Magen-Darm Menu onto the market. Lean chicken with carrots, fennel and camomile, supplemented with soothing additives like lemon balm, calendula, healing clay and black cumin oil. The grain-free bland diet has been developed with veterinarian Hanna Stephan. All the ingredients used are lean and easily digestible for the dog, relieving and aiding the digestive tract.

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