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Finest fillet for sensitive gourmets

Schulze Heimtierbedarf, Nature Sensible,

The new Nature Sensible from Schulze Heimtierbedarf GmbH is a complete food for adult cats, made from natural, selected high-quality ingredients with at least 56 per cent finest fillet in a sauce. The manufacturer says that the formulas are free of preservatives, grain and sugar additives. This makes Nature Sensible particularly easy to digest and ideal for sensitive cats and allergy sufferers. Enriched with valuable vitamins and minerals, this new wet food contains all the essential nutrients for an active, healthy and appropriate cat life, according to Schulze Heimtierbedarf. The Nature Sensible varieties are chicken fillet with aloe vera, chicken and lamb fillet with potato and carrot, beef fillet with pumpkin and white fish with salmon.  All are available in displays and mixed multipacks.


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