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Dog collars and leashes with comics designs

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Collar Company presents the new Wow dog collars and Waudog Nylon leashes with DC Comics designs. The new collars, leashes and retractable leashes have been created in collaboration with Warner Bros. and feature Batman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Superman and other superheroes designs, according to the company. The comics are one of the most popular trends of recent years, providing an opportunity to offer the most fashionable items to consumers.

The collars and leashes are made of high-quality durable nylon, according to Collar Company. They feature unique metal buckles with a space for engraving, reliable hardware and a matching dog tag with QR passport. The retractable leashes are covered by a two-year direct warranty. The innovative printing technology helps designs to stay fresh for a long time. Reflective thread sewn into the leash makes it perfectly visible in twilight.


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