New products Interzoo 2016 | JRS


Cutting-edge technology for animal hygiene


Based on the claim "The right hygiene solution for every pet and its needs", JRS creates natural-fibre-based, added-value competence product lines in the animal hygiene segment. Unique JRS plant fibre technology, intensive research and proven manufacturing processes transform selected, high quality raw materials into high yield brands with added value, resulting in increased customer loyalty, greater trust and higher profits. No matter whether it is Europe's number 1 eco cat litter Cat's Best with its natural odour and bacteria trap, Dog's Best for convenient dog hygiene, CHIPSI, the comprehensive small pet range for rodents, birds and exotic animals or TierWohl, specially for equine needs, all products in the JRS animal hygiene range are specifically tailored to meet animals' needs, using sustainable technology to promote health, security and well-being. These added-value products thus offer sales personnel in pet supplies stores the perfect opportunity to regain their status as specialists - sought-after advisors who have the perfect, individual hygiene solution on hand for every pet, no matter whether dog, cat or mouse.

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