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Brit Let's Bite! Dog treats that work

VAFO PRAHA,  BritDecalogue of Training Principles

Leading Czech pet food brand Brit introduces a new line of dog treats - Let's Bite! Tasty morsels in a wide array of shapes and flavours to benefit canine health and wellbeing. They're a fun way to make training more effective and enjoyable too. As Brit illustrates in its "Decalogue of Training Principles", positive motivation is crucial to successful training, and Let's Bite! is just the treat to provide that motivation. Thanks to real meat content, Let's Bite! treats are not only packed with flavour but are an excellent source of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay in shape. They contain various types of meat in easily digestible formulas that support many areas of canine health, such as digestion, immunity, mobility, weight, teeth, and coat.  For a treat to work, dogs have to like it, and all dogs have their favourite flavour, aroma, size, and shape. Brit's new Let's Bite! line of dog treats offers 24 varieties to ensure everyone finds exactly what they're looking for.


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