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Best Choice relaunch finalised

Dr.Clauder, super-premium dry food Best Choice

Dr.Clauder has successfully completed the relaunch of its super-premium dry food Best Choice. The products are now available in pet stores in a new livery and with an optimised recipe. The aim of the company is to partner dogs throughout their life with the right food for each phase of life. This is because each stage of a dog's life calls for a nutritional supply that is tailored to the requirements of that stage. Dr.Clauder's places particular emphasis on optimal, rational and targeted food for canines to ensure that the dog always gets all the important nutrients that it needs in its current life cycle. The range includes products for puppies, adult dogs, seniors and obese pets as well as for dogs with food intolerances and particularly fastidious animals. All products are naturally gluten-free and contain only one source of animal protein (single protein).


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