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Added value and system

J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE, hygiene programme for pets

With its unique application know-how and innovative plant fibre technology, JRS is able to offer specialist pet shops a broadly based hygiene programme for pets which comprises highly functional added-value products, precisely coordinated to serve the needs of each specific animal. This enables retailers to maximise the success of their specialist consultancy skills for more effective customer loyalty, a prominent competitive advantage, and, unlike with standard bedding, sustained profit. An example is Pet's Dream paper pure universal eco-bedding, made from soft recycled paper fibres for pet hygiene with a clear conscience. This light, versatile bedding is ideal for both rodents and cats. The highly effective recycled paper pellets absorb more than 230 per cent liquid and are virtually dust and germ free. 

Chipsi Sunshine Plus is another product in the same functional mould. This is a valuable supplementary product consisting of delicious meadow hay and a fibre-rich feed with a choice of carrots, dandelion or apple, a tempting nibble that supports important bodily functions with an attractive profit margin.


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