New products 2016/17 | Landguth Heimtiernahrung


A new level of dog food quality

Isegrim Petfood, dog food

Isegrim is balanced nutrition containing the best that nature has to offer, a combination inspired by the way of life of the wolf: a high proportion of fresh meat, lots of vegetables plus berries and wild herbs.

High-quality ingredients with essential nutrients, vitamins and valuable oils support the metabolism and immune system of the dog.

The high content of fresh meat complies with the natural feeding requirements of the dog.A food concept adapted to the instincts of their forebears that takes dogs back to their roots for an active, species-appropriate and healthy life. Isegrim - wild as nature

• High content of fresh meat

• Natural ingredients

• Special mix of wild herbs

• Grain-freeIsegrim's biologically appropriate ratio:

• in wet: 92 % meat & broth / 8 % fruits, vegetables & wild herbs / 0% grain

• in dry: 92 % meat & vegetables / 8% fruits & wild herbs / 0% grain


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