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7 days at least of no cleaning the cage

Asan Pet Silver

The cosiness that Asan litter brings to animals derives from its cushion-like softness. Silky fine granules prevent pressure sores and abrasions when touching pets' feet. It is important for breeders that they do not have to change the litter for at least seven days and that during this period it does not develop an unpleasant odour or become moist. The litter is safe, dust-free and fragrance-free, inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew and does not contain pathogens that cause allergies. Asan is hygienically the safest litter for domestic animals. It is 100 per cent biodegradable and can be composted. The litter is extremely lightweight so it can be easily handled by children or seniors. Asan Pet Silver contains colloidal silver, which augments the disinfectant effect of the litter, while Asan Pet Aloe has health benefits for pets and is extremely popular with customers.

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