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Nuevo super-premium wet food

Nuevo super-premium wet food

Nuevo offers the perfect solution for the specific feeding requirements for dogs and cats. All products contain a high content of fresh meat of up to 72 per cent. 

The range is tailored from Junior to Senior and will lead the pet through a healthy, active and long life. Nuevo recipes are highly palatable due to fresh ingredients and gentle cold filling. Fresh meat combined with vegetables, fruits or whole grains provide all vitamins and minerals that the pet needs. Nuevo is produced under the IFS Food Standard, which guarantees the highest standard in food production and is focused on food safety and quality.

Nuevo super-premium guaranteed: 


  • no artificial colours 
  • no attractants 
  • no artificial flavourings 
  • no preservatives 
  • no reformed meal 
  • no bone meal Hall 14/ Stand B46


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