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New MOSER Animalline Competence Centre

Wahl GmbH, MOSER animal clippers

In order to make the customer aware at the point of sale about animal grooming and to facilitate their choice of animal clipper, the company Wahl GmbH provides a completely new product placement concept for its MOSER animal clippers for pet speciality shops. The concept is available in two different sizes: a comprehensive range that covers all application areas and a smaller core range. In this way, the customer can test the devices directly in the store and easily find the right clipper for his needs by using the additional information about the clippers at the test station.

An additional benefit is the hook strip on which selling cards for all accessories to the grooming tools are clipped. Only products that can be seen are sold and due to the appealing presentation customers get an impression of the whole assortment at a glance.

All grooming tools have an ergonomic gel handle which adapts to the hand's shape and provides the user with a comfortable grip. Whether it is for clipping the claws or removing undercoat or matted fur, there is a tool for every application. The grooming tools are recommended by professional groomers for daily coat care and clipping preparation. Hall 22/ Stand C80


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