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Kemin Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division

Kemin Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division

For more than three decades Kemin has partnered with many of the world's leading pet food manufacturers, renderers and ingredient suppliers to develop innovative solutions that address evolving consumer expectations and meet pet food safety, stabilisation, palatability, ingredient and formulation needs:  


  • Antioxidants: Kemin has pioneered the evolution of stabilisation and freshness protection of pet food diets and rendered ingredients. The company says it is the top pet food antioxidant supplier and ingredient manufacturer leading the way by providing innovative, natural antioxidant formulas that meet current consumer expectations for their pets. Kemin also offers an extensive range of synthetic antioxidant formulations that provide maximum protection from oxidation.  
  • Food safety: Kemin is setting the standard by providing effective solutions for preserving and extending the shelf life of pet food and treats. The company assists pet food manufacturers in managing microbial risk and providing effective preservation.  
  • Palatants: Kemin palatability enhancers for pet food products are made from the highest quality ingredients. The result is superior flavour and consistent performance to give its customers confidence in both cat and dog food consumption.  
  • Proteins: Kemin offers a variety of spray-dried proteins including protein hydrolysate ingredients. The company's protein hydrolysate ingredients for easily digestible pet food are designed for inclusion in diets formulated for food sensitivities.


Kemin brings expertise to every step of the pet food ingredient manufacturing process to assure the quality and performance of our products.   Hall 16 /Stand C16, D17


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