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Josera Mini: delicious food for small breeds!

Josera,  food for small breeds

Special food to suit the special requirements of small breeds at every stage of their life cycle:




  • A gluten-free recipe suitable for breeds from three weeks and upwards. 
  • Small and delicious kibble made with fine duck and tender salmon. 
  • Valuable fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Highly digestible recipe to reduce the amount of faeces. 
  • Also suitable for fully-grown mini breeds.




  • A grain-free food full of vegetables, herbs and fruits along  with a large portion of lamb.  
  • This dog food offers your little friend a meal full of flavour yet easy to digest with delicious    sweet potatoes. 
  • Reduces the risk of tartar formation by binding calcium in the saliva. 
  • Ideal as a daily grain-free food for healthy and sensitive dogs.  
  • Selected herbs and healthy fruits complete this formula and offer the dog a tasty variety.


MiniVita Senior 

With herbs and fruits: (carob, chicory root, raspberries, peppermint, parsley, chamomile, rosehips, liquorice root, aronia, fenugreek seeds, blueberries, marigold, fennel). 


  • Ideal as grain-free nutrition for small breeds from eight years onwards. 
  • Measured mineral content to protect the inner organs. 
  • Reduces the risk of tartar formation. 
  • With high-grade fatty acids from salmon for healthy skin and shiny fur.
  • Don't forget to visit us at Zoomark Bologna! Hall 16/ Stand D58-D60


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