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Dr.Clauder relaunches its dry food range

Dr.Clauder, dry food, Digest-5-Complex

Many dogs are now nutritionally sensitive and suffer from intolerances or allergies. In order to provide these dogs with a full range of hypoallergenic nutrition, Dr.Clauder has developed the Hyposensitives: 






  • Suitable for particularly sensitive or allergy-prone adult dogs
  • Contains only a single animal protein source 
  • Absolutely grain-free (potato) 
  • Protein intolerance to other sources can be safely excluded 
  • Variations between three different hypoallergenic protein sources 


NEW: Dr.Clauder's Digest-5-Complex for high food utilisation. With enzymes from pineapple, papaya and cranberry as well as hemp flour and spirulina, for an optimal supply for nutritionally sensitive dogs.  Hall 16/ Stand D38-E37


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