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HKP – Hamburger Konzeptprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, ChronoBalance,

With its expertise and knowledge of pet supplies, the company specialises in the physical and mental well-being of man's best friend, the dog. The ChronoBalance team will be presenting its wide range of high-quality products for the first time at this year's Zoomark.

The wet food and treats are based upon biorhythms and the very reliable "inner clock" of the dog, revolving around the 24-hour cycle. Triggered by temporal processes, there is an impulse to take food on board every 4-5 hours and the time of day plays a crucial role in nutrient utilisation. Many factors, including digestive and metabolic processes, only work effectively if they are in sync with the inner clock. Therefore, it is important that the composition of the food is oriented to the dog's metabolism as well as fitting in with feeding times. As well as daily nutrition, the company has developed recipes to feed in accordance with the winter and summer seasons. The ChronoBalance concept encourages the dog's development into a happy, strong friend and companion.

The complementary product range of dietary supplements, including several oils and powders, creates an overall offering that provides a complete, balanced diet. Additionally, the natural care products aim to enhance the dog's well-being and quality of life.

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