New Products Zoomark 2017 | Group55


A new generation of Animology

Group55, Animology

Group55 is a multi-award-winning British company which has been manufacturing and distributing products that protect and care for families and pets since 1999. Millions of Group55 products have been sold to customers in more than 50 countries around the world who trust Group55 products to deliver world-class quality, performance and results.The company's current success can be largely put down to the impressive performance of its flagship brand, Animology.Animology is the multi-award winning pet product brand that is trusted by pet owners, vets, retailers, groomers and championship show dog owners all around the world to deliver the very highest standards of pet care.The Animology range, which consists of shampoos, sprays and pet wipes, has recently undergone a brand transformation. The new-look packaging is bold and disruptive on the shelf, whilst remaining instantly recognisable as the award-winning Animology range. The brand has also taken advantage of the latest developments in chemistry to improve the formulation of every product within the range along with the launch of True Colours - a specially formulated shampoo that enhances the full spectrum of colours within a dog's coat. Hall 21/ Stand C68


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