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Mera Tiernahrung builds on sustainability

Mera Tiernahrung ,

Mera Tiernahrung emphasises that it has always striven to produce high-quality food for dogs and cats. The focus of the family firm is not just on feeding pets in a species-specific manner, however. Mera says that sustainability is also an integral part of the company's DNA. Its aim is to create a more sustainable future for coming generations.

With this in mind, Mera Tiernahrung has become the first company in the pet food industry to gain certification through TÜV Rheinland Cert as complying with the ZNU Sustainable Economy standard, thereby laying the foundations for more sustainable corporate management. As well as covering the strategic orientation of the company, this process entailed the implementation and documentation of a raft of measures of an ecological, economic and social nature.

The company also acts as sustainably as possible in the product sphere. Mera says that anything that doesn't contribute to species-specific nutrition is omitted from its recipes. Its Pure Sensitive food, for example, is based on the principle of the Limited Ingredient Diet (LID), using ingredients sourced mostly from the local region. This not only cuts down on transport routes, but also strengthens the Lower Rhine regional economy.


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