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Isegrim - wild as nature

Isegrim Roots, Landguth Heimtiernahrung

The wolf - called Isegrim in German lore - which figures in our ancestors' folktales is a master of adaptation, from the cold steppes to the forests of Europe to the deserts of Central Asia. The wolf has the unusual gift of finding in each habitat just what it needs to be strong and independent. From the rich resources of its territory, it instinctively takes what is best for it and its pack.

Isegrim Roots provides the original diet of the ancestor of all dogs, the wolf, offering unparalleled flavour thanks to natural ingredients. A high content of meat is combined with vitamin-rich vegetables, nutritious oils and selected wild herbs. The authentic taste and rich ingredients provide your dog with everything it needs, without unnecessary additives. Isegrim Roots focuses on the essentials for a healthy and active dog life. Now in a convenient 410-g-pouch containing 97 per cent meat & broth, 3 per cent vegetables, oil & natural herbs, and 0 per cent grain & gluten.