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First dog food of 100 per cent human-grade Quality

Terra Canis, dog food of 100 per cent human-grade Quality, Terra Canis menus

Terra Canis offers the first dog food of 100 per cent human-grade quality of all raw materials, manufactured for the first time in an EU food business, a traditional butcher's shop in Munich.

With this concept, Terra Canis set completely new quality standards in the pet food industry 15 years ago and has remained loyal to these high standards. All Terra Canis menus are now manufactured by master butchers in their own production facility in Munich, using exclusively ingredients of 100% human-grade quality. In this way, Terra Canis is bring­ing dog nutrition back to the level of quality decreed by nature for dogs and wolves throughout evolution.

Terra Canis menus are not just healthy, but are also amazingly appetising and tasty, just like a home-made meal. Consumers will be inspired by the quality, sensational smell and our product design. Terra Canis would be happy to send product samples and other information material.