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Christopherus Trout + Insect

Christopherus Trout + Insect, Allco Heimtierbedarf

Major challenges in environmental and climate protection are facing mankind. By 2050, the planet will be home to almost 9.7 bn people. Not only will they require feeding - their pets will, too. The pet food sector will thus have to consider the use of alternative sources of protein. Allco wants to get in on the act of rethinking this challenge with its new product in the Christopherus family and help to create acceptance for these as yet unfamiliar raw ingredients. The protein combination of trout and insect achieves maximum acceptance by pets, as independent tests impressively confirm with a score of "very good". What's more, both constituents are highly sustainable and resource-conserving compared with other sources of protein, such as beef, for example. Christopherus Trout + Insect is thus not only a product that is currently trending, but it sends an important and unmistakable signal. The product is available as a dry food and as soft treats.