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  • Comment
  • 3A category still with plenty of potential

  • Markets
  • 13How the pet sector has safeguarded pet supplies in North America.

    14In the year of the coronavirus, the German pet supplies market has grown substantially.

  • Distribution
  • 18Now Pet in Tel Aviv is the first cashierless pet store.

    20Portugal has a flourishing pet supplies industry.

    22How pet retailers can perfect e-commerce delivery and give their customers the experience they expect.

  • Focus
  • 24Cat food - Cat food is regarded as the most popular pet food in Europe.

    26Cat food - Kitten grainfree is a new addition to the Josera cat food range.

    28Cat food - Tropical has developed a new senior food for cats.

    42Aquatics - The aquarium business has withstood the coronavirus crisis pretty well so far.

    44Aquatics - Tropical is providing natural food conditions for fish in the aquarium.

  • Events
  • 46Pet Fair Asia in Shanghai attracted over 70 000 visitors.

  • Suppliers
  • 34Cassia gum powder from Focus Ingredients offers cost savings in pet food formulations.

    36Mediglobe hopes to bring the trend towards CBD products to the European pet market.

    38Food and litter brand Kit Cat from Singapore is looking to expand its presence in the South American market.

    40Dog’s Love aims to create dog food produced from regional ingredients.

    41Tonisity announces the launch of its over-the-counter isotonic drinks for pets.

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