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  • Comment
  • 3Changing times

  • Markets
  • 16Zero growth in German bricks-and-mortar stores.

    19New FEDIAF paper on nutrition for older dogs.

    20Cats continue to lead the way in the French pet product market.

  • Pet Conference
  • 14What you can expect at the International Pet Conference in Budapest.

  • Distribution
  • 22Placek Group shakes up the Russian market.

    26The German pet retail chain Das Futterhaus launches a new concept store near Hamburg.

    28Alpha Zoo of Hungary aims to open at least one new store per month this year.

  • Focus
  • 30Organic products - The pet feeding bowl is the only place where the trend towards organic products has not yet arrived.

    32Organic products - Henning Klukkert (defu pet food) talks about market development and the company’s goals.

    34Organic products - Sustainability expert Yarrah unveils a new, environmentally friendly packaging design.

    36Organic products - BioPetFood acts as Swiss general importer for many well-known organic manufacturers.

  • Country report
  • 42Taiwan - The pet market at a glance.

    44Taiwan - Euromonitor analyst Emil Fazira on the role of pets in Taiwan.

  • Events
  • 46Interzoo - Biggest international spread yet at Interzoo.

    6316 000 visitors at Iberzoo + Propet trade show in Madrid.

    64Global Pet Expo continues to grow only in terms of exhibitors.

  • Suppliers
  • 40Radio Systems unveiled new products at Interzoo.

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