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  • Comment
  • 3Multicoloured pet world

  • Markets
  • 16The world’s largest and the fastest-growing pet markets.

    18The millennials are the primary pet-owning demographic in the US. But who are they?

  • Pet Conference
  • 14International Pet Conference on 9 and 10 October in Budapest

  • Distribution
  • 20The Top 25 pet speciality retailers in the USA.

    24Fressnapf restructures management team.

    28Maxi Zoo France has grown beyond the company’s plans in 2017.

    30The Swiss pet market is turned upside down.

  • Focus
  • 48Small animals - Upward trend in many countries, both in terms of sales and population figures.

    50Small animals - Natural products dominate the market for toys and other accessory products.

  • Country report
  • 34Germany - The German pet product market at a glance.

    36Germany - Pro Pet shakes up the German market.

    38Germany - JR Farm has now established a subsidiary focusing on dog food.

    40Germany - The pet food manufacturer Mera undertakes a new strategical reorientation.

  • Events
  • 54Interzoo - Around 2 000 companies are expected to exhibit at Interzoo in Nuremberg.

    78The 20th edition of the Belgian trade fair Anido in Kortrijk was a great success.

    80Retailers from the UK and overseas visited The British pet product fair Pats Sandown.

  • Suppliers
  • 42The well-known pet food brand Schesir from the Italian company Agras Pet Foods goes organic.

    44The Danish pet food brand Kingsmoor is now making pet food using only renewable energy.

    45The German pet food manufacturer Fresco Dog Foods focuses on natural dog food.

    46Blue Buffalo Pet Products is one of the fastest-growing pet product companies in the US.

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