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  • 3Backs to the wall

  • Distribution
  • 14Tiendanimal is opening new stores across Spain in quick succession.

    16Dehner is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

    18Anniversary at the Irish pet retail chain Petmania sets a world record.

  • Focus
  • 28Aquatics - Aquatics remains an important business segment in the pet supplies sector.

    32Aquatics - Kessler produces and refines over 1 000 raw ingredients and products for all pets.

    34Aquatics - Sera focuses on high-grade raw material for its food products.

    36Aquatics - Tropical has just launched a new food line for marine fish and corals.

  • Country report
  • 20China - The pet world in China is divided: seen through rose-tinted spectacles on the one hand, there is a harsher side to it too.

    22China - Two shows will take place in tandem in Guangzhou next March.

    23China - Pet Fair Asia continues to grow.

  • Events
  • 40Pats Telford notched up a 7 per cent increase in visitors on the 2016 show.

    46Over 5 200 visitors came to the Aqua Terra Show in Kiev.

    48“All under one roof” is the slogan for the next Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

  • Suppliers
  • 24Bozita is revamping its image to have a greater impact in the market in future.

    26The Dutch family company N. Mol has been in business for 50 years.

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