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  • Comment
  • 3Four days of the feelgood factor

  • Interview
  • 36Hans-Jochen Büngener (Pet Industry Consultants) on the increasing quality standards of branded goods made in China.

  • Markets
  • 32The market research company GfK reveals the proportion of pet owners in the world.

    34Private label products played an important role in the European pet food market in 2015.

  • Pet Conference
  • 14The complete programme of the International Pet Conference in Barcelona is out.

  • Distribution
  • 40The Land & Fritid chain is a significant retail player in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Estonia.

    42Slovenian wholesale company Vitantrade announces a raft of new products and adds two more Premium Pet shops.

    44Animax in Romania has been leading the market for 15 years. The company now runs 60 stores across the country.

    46Pet retailing in Ecuador and Colombia.

  • Focus
  • 54Ingredients - Pet food ingredients can be decisive for the success of a pet product launch.

    56Ingrediants - The market research company GfK sees a growing market for natural and -free pet food.

    58Ingredients - DSM survey data shows that pet owners are well aware of the potential benefits of antioxidants for their animals.

    60Ingredients - Pet accessory specialist Hunter presents collars and leashes made from leather tanned using the leaves of the olive tree.

    62Ingredients - 62 UK-based company Beco Pets sees huge potential for the use of bamboo chopsticks in the global pet industry.

  • Events
  • 16Interzoo 2016 in Nuremberg met all the expectations of the international pet supplies sector.

  • Suppliers
  • 49After much talk and speculation, Eheim states that a sale is not on the agenda.

    50Bunny Tierernährung leads the field when it comes to innovations in keeping and feeding small animals.

    52The family firm Morando is one of the leading pet product companies in Italy.

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