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  • Comment
  • 3See you at Interzoo

  • Markets
  • 48The US pet industry continues to prosper.

    50New market data on the number of pets in the UK.

    52How independent dealers in Austria maintain their position in the market by specialising in niche segments.

  • Distribution
  • 54PetCity has opened its first concept store in Tallinn. The retailer has big expansion plans.

    56The garden centre chain Dehner has opened a pilot store that is based on a digitally integrated cross-channel concept.

  • Focus
  • 68Dog food - New trends have triggered a kind of revolution in the dog food market.

    70Dog food - Birgitta Ornau (Terra Canis) about the concept and plans of her fast-growing company.

    72Dog food - Why to use pet food containing pre- and probiotics.

  • Country report
  • 58Germany - Sales of pet products by pet stores and supermarkets increased last year by 2.2. per cent to € 4.11 bn.

    62Germany - Germany has an extremely high level of concentration in pet product retailing

    64Germany - The new premises of Hunter represent another quantum leap in the story of this German manufacturer.

    66Germany - Company boss Dirk Schulze is a man of action. Read about how he drives the expansion of his company.

  • Events
  • 14Inrerzoo - The 2016 edition of the world-leading pet supplies fair will be the biggest of all time.

    18Why do people take part in Interzoo? A few comments at a glance.

    86The next edition of Pet Fair Asia will take place in Shanghai from 18 to 21 August.

    88How Aquarama will change in the forthcoming edition.

    90Global Pet Expo in Orlando experienced a record-setting year.

    92PATS Sandown showed an amazing selection of naturally produced dog and cat food products.

    94The Anido trade show in Kortrijk received plenty of plaudits from visitors and exhibitors.

  • Suppliers
  • 78SureFlap will be unveiling its first Internet-connected product.

    80Ferplast celebrates its 50th anniversary.

    82Beco Pets of the UK forges a “green alliance” in the USA.

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