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  • Comment
  • 3Developments during the summer lull

  • News
  • 6News

  • Markets
  • 12A flourishing pet supplies trade has emerged in Croatia, virtually unnoticed by the rest of Europe.

    14Private label remains at a high level in Europe.

  • Distribution
  • 16PetSmart reinvents itself.

    18Despite having 16 outlets, the US pet chain Natural Pawz sees itself as a neighbourhood store.

    20Nilufar in eastern France is focusing on a modern aquatics segment.

  • Focus
  • 40Aquatics - Aquatics continues to pose a challenge for trade and industry.

    42Aquatics - Export sales of ornamental fish have significantly declined in Singapore.

    44Aquatics - Dr Birgit Burg (Spectrum Brands) on the importance of biological filtration in a freshwater aquarium.

    46Aquatics - New products at a glance.

  • Country report
  • 22Denmark - Dry food is a big seller in the Danish pet food market.

    24Denmark - The Danish pet supplies business is undergoing a transformation.

    26Denmark - Maxi Zoo Denmark is the market leader in the speciality trade with 37 stores and an online shop.

  • Events
  • 48An autumn packed with top shows.

  • Suppliers
  • 32Lantmännen Doggy changes hand.

    34Diana Pet Food celebrated the opening of its plant in the Belgorod region of Russia.

    35UK-based Beco Pets appeals to the growing environmental awareness of pet owners.

    36Winner Pet Food Solutions is backing super-premium pet food products made in Germany.

    38The dynamic French company Biogance intends to build a brand-new factory in 2016.

  • New products
  • 52New products

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