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Eldorado one of the leading suppliers in Scandinavia, carrying a full range of products for the pet and equine industry. The family business is now led by the second generation, Pernille and Per Lausen, and stocks over 13 000 stock-keeping units for the pet industry. Activities include the distribution of global brands such as Iams/Eukanuba, Tetra, Eheim, Juwel, Hurtta, Ever Clean, Trixie, iMarc Engraving System etc. and Catago private label products for the equestrian industry. Eldorado also manufactures aquariums, aquarium gravel and shop installations sold worldwide under the brand name AkvaStabil.The domestic market for Eldorado is Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Scandinavia the Eldorado Group employs 17 external sales people and 12 employees in customer service. It exports to 45 countries worldwide, mainly through sub-distributors. In total, the company employs 70 people. Eldorado is in close contact with the market, enabling it to adapt to the ever-changing demands of retailers and end consumers with regard to the wellbeing and care of pets.

Logistics are becoming more effective: the 13 000 m2 warehouse has a pick-by-voice system. Rather than communicating visually via paper or computer monitors, pick-by-voice relies on voice instructions through headphones and a microphone. Eldorado runs an up-to-date ERP system with EDI for all key accounts including e-commerce BTB and nSales, in order to adapt to the growing demands of the market.


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