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Sales success with the Pedigree testing weeks

With its Pedigree testing weeks with a money-back guarantee, the popular brand is once again providing a strong stimulus for retailers. In a promotional campaign running from 1 April to 31 October, dog owners can judge the new, improved quality of Pedigree Adult "with 3 types of meat in pâté", "with 3 types of poultry in pâté" and "with heart, liver and rumen in pâté" for themselves without any obligation to buy. Buying any other canned Pedigree product during this period is especially worthwhile too: just buy one or more of the qualifying products, register at and send the till receipt to Pedigree. The cost of up to three cans will then be refunded. Each customer can participate once in the testing weeks. This simple system not only makes consumers happy, but also generates more sales for the trade, because the money-back guarantee motivates customers to buy more and increases the amount spent in store.

The improved recipe for the three Adult varieties offers additional incentives to buy. It contains 51 per cent meat and meat by-products as well as a good protein ratio, important vitamins and fibre. The balanced, complete food is produced without any artificial flavourings or colourings, artificial preservatives or added sugar.


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