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Premium food from Denmark

Kingsmoor has formulated a premium line of food products for dogs and cats. It is named Pure because it's 100 per cent free of grain and gluten, and contains no artificial preservatives. The company takes pride in the unique and carefully crafted recipes and is uncompromising in its approach to quality. The pledge to use only ingredients from local and regional suppliers is the guarantee of high-quality pet food. All Kingsmoor people are proud of their Danish roots. The production facility in Denmark has earned multiple food safety and quality certifications.

This year Kingsmoor is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. It all started in 2005, when company founder Bent Ransborg noticed his dog eating plants and bark and got the idea of crafting nutritious dog food based on nature's finest ingredients. In Denmark, Kingsmoor is the market leader in grain-free pet food, and its distributors in Norway and Sweden are seeing rapid growth. As part of the continuing strategy for growth, the company is now looking for distributors in new countries.One of the best-selling products is Pure Fish. It's made of fresh fish for a neutral scent, has a high content of omega-3 and contains prebiotic root vegetables to keep the dog's stomach and intestines balanced.


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