Plaček Group acquires Zoodom Slovakia

Plaček Group

The Plaček Group has taken over Zoodom Slovakia from Ferplast with effect from 1 October. The photo shows (from left) managing director Super Zoo Slovakia Norbert Szimeth, Plaček Group owner Dušan Plaček, CFO Ferplast Roberto Robinelli and managing director Zoodom Filip Judiny.

Plaček Group

The present Zoodom store offers an extensive range on a 1 250 m2 retail area.

With the acquisition of Zoodom Slovakia, the Plaček Group has strengthened its presence in the country.

The Plaček Group has taken over Zoodom Slovakia from Ferplast with effect from 1 October. Zoodom Slovakia operates just one pet megastore in Bratislava. It is the biggest pet shop in Slovakia with a floorspace of 1 250 m2 and also contains a veterinary surgery and a grooming salon. This store, which was opened in 2005, offers the widest assortment on the Slovakian market with more than 8 000 items. It also sells livestock including aquarium fish, exotic birds, small animals and terrarium animals. The Plaček Group has acquired the licence to use the Zoodom brand for a maximum of five years. In future, the store will be renamed Super Zoo.
"A unique pet shop"

The owner of the Plaček Group, Dušan Plaček, comments: "This megastore is just one Zoodom store, but is a really unique pet shop with a rich history dating back to 2006. It has many loyal customers and tops the annual sales listing in Slovakia. The store will fit very well into our portfolio in Slovakia with our 56 Super Zoo stores."

The owner of Ferplast, Nicola Vaccari, says: "This transaction was for us first of all a strategic decision, because Ferplast is primarily a producer. We have also reached an agreement with the Plaček Group regarding support for the Ferplast brand in all the Plaček Group pet stores."

Both sides have agreed that they will not release the price or any other details of the transaction.



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Norbert Szimeth

Norbert Szimeth

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