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YOUPET - Your Pet Accessories Brand

YOUPET , luxury pet accessories, collars, leashes, harnesses

YOUPET is a young company created in 2010 that has quickly managed to position itself as a leader in the Spanish market for affordable luxury pet accessories. With its own integrated production and based on the treatment of skin and leather, YOUPET's range extends from basic to elegant models with gold-plated ornaments or crystal ornaments. Despite its youth, the origins of the company are rooted in the leather goods sector, so it has long experience of this business. The product range includes collars, leashes and harnesses, but it is innovating continuously.


• Hand Royal/Poker Royal Collection: leather with nickel-finished hardware

• Moon Royal Collection, Royal Collection Armi, Lis Royal Collection, Royal Nairobi Collection: different collections with details related to each concept (moon, army, fleur de lys, Africa, etc.)

In the current phase of international expansion we seek customers who have a distribution network or structure and/or chain of shops, a professional sales team that wants to approach the market with a different upgrade category of accessories based on high-quality skin and leather with a great finish.


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