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Winner Plus, natural food as nature intended

Synonymous with health, wealth and vitality, the Natural Nutrition System forms the basis on which the company has built its stable success. The wide range of professionally produced complete and complementary feeds is prepared using raw materials that are carefully processed and monitored as for human-grade food quality (GMP Pet Food). They are 100 per cent natural, subscribe to the non-GM philosophy, made without chemical colourings, flavourings and aromas and respect the environment and the cruelty-free ethic.

The foods offer correct nutrition devoid of eggs, GMO, soya or wheat. This guarantees a top- quality healthy, balanced, digestible and hypoallergenic product.

It is a healthy and perfect nutrition system to meet the needs of dogs and cats of all breeds, weights and ages.

An exclusive holistic line for dogs is Winner Plus holistic. It is made without cereals and is rich in phytotherapeutic components such as medicinal herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, liquorice root, carob flour) and red fruits (dog rose, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry) with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. 

A new wet feed line has also been launched for dogs and cats. It is prepared with selected and certi-ficated raw materials and safflower oil, which is rich in vitamin K and linoleic acid to support a healthy skin and coat and help prevent heart disease with anticoagulant and antitumoral action.


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