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West Paw: Dog's best friend

West Paw

Dogs bring happiness, comfort, love and lightness into human's lives. They're called man's best friend for a reason. But the company's goal is to be dog's best friend: "We do this by making things dogs love," the company states. "That's why we guarantee every product. We'll replace or refund any product that doesn't live up to your customers' standards.

"West Paw also cares about how to make the things dogs love. After all, the company wants the best friends to be safe and healthy. West Paw makes everything in its own factory, which is perfect for knowing what goes into every product.

Beyond dogs, the company cares about people and the planet too: "We're eco-friendly in our materials and manufacturing choices and people-friendly in our business choices. It's not easy being dog's best friend, but it's worth it."West Paw is a proud certified B Corp company in Bozeman, Montana, USA, and Dog's Best Friend.


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