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Bewital petfood, Belcando Adult Iberico

The Münsterland company presents a new variety: Belcando Adult Iberico & Rice with extra-fresh Iberico pork. Its special feature is the meat of the renowned Pata Negra pigs, which run semi-wild on the Iberian peninsula. Thanks to their natural outdoor lifestyle, slow fattening and feeding on acorns and grass, the pork develops a unique flavour. This special culinary highlight is complemented by the new tins of Iberico Pork with Chickpeas and Cranberries along with Salmon and Chicken.

Cat owners will be delighted by the new Leonardo Finest Selection of freshness pouches in Pheasant + Cranberries, Game + Blueberries and Pure Turkey varieties.

More attractive, more practical and more sustainable: the Belcando basic range and freshness pouches (125 g) come in a new design with a practical reclosure on all 10/12.5 kg pack sizes. The important news for customers is that the recipes are unchanged, while the important aspect for the environment is sustainable packaging that bears the "Made for Recycling" seal of recycling specialist Interseroh.


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