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The widest range of pet food with real fresh meat

Cotecnica Optima, Cotecnica Maxima

Cotecnica is a leading Spanish company, located close to Barce­lona, which has specialised in the manufacture of pet food for dogs and cats since 1982. Our competitive edge is based on the use of real fresh meat as the key ingredient for pet nutrition, because we strongly believe in the benefits of a natural diet based on high-quality protein for our pets. Our real fresh meats are certified as human-grade and are supplied by nearby abattoirs. Cotecnica offers the widest range of high-end dry pet food made from fresh meat:

• Cotecnica Optima is the first brand in the medium segment to include fresh meat and offers exceptional quality and appetising recipes while maintaining the competitive price levels of the premium segment.

• Cotecnica Maxima incorporates 30 per cent of fresh poultry or lamb meat as its main ingredient, providing the highest-quality protein, high digestibility and exceptional flavour.

• Cotecnica Maxima Grain Free is an advanced concept in nutrition which accurately reproduces the diet a dog would naturally have living freely in the wild. It incorporates 50 per cent fresh chicken and turkey, is low in carbohydrates and contains no grain.

• Cotecnica Optima Grain Free is the latest generation of grain-free food with a high protein content and low carbohydrate level at an exceptional price.We are in an international expansion phase and already have a presence in over 40 markets. With two factories and an investment project of 10 million euros in place to expand our capabilities, we are selecting new partners with a suitable structure and commitment to Cotecnica to strengthen our long-term brands in each market.


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