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Farm Food

Farm Food is a family-owned business located in Nijverdal in the east of the Netherlands. It was established 30 years ago by animal nutritionist Gerrit de Weerd. The company specialises in holistic cold-pressed dog food, Farm Food HE, and other natural products such as Farm Food Fresh (complete fresh-meat dog/cat food, frozen, gluten-free & ready-made), and Farm Food No.1 (a patented complete puppy/ kitten milk based on full-fat goat's milk and suitable for other small mammals as well). It also markets a large range of chews and treats such as Farm Food Rawhide (natural beef hide chews), Farm Food Antlers (natural deer antler chews) and Farm Food Trainers (a pure 100 per cent beef heart treat for dogs and cats).

For Farm Food, animal health comes first with every product. The cold-pressed dry dog food Farm Food HE is pressed at a low temperature to make sure that the ingredients don't get damaged. The products contain no chemical additives such as antioxidants, preservatives, binders, colourings, aromas or flavouring. In addition, all the raw materials used have the same quality standards as products intended for human consumption. 

Labelling in 20 European languages is available for all products as well as brochures, posters, counter displays, product training material and other marketing tools.


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