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Sustainability has been a tradition at WAHL GmbH in Unterkirnach for 75 years. From the very beginning, its animal hair clippers have been thoughtfully designed and solidly built. A sustainable purchase decision is made in support of quality. For WAHL, longevity of the clippers is therefore a top priority. Blade sets that can be removed for resharpening and replacement and the high level of service ensure the products are long-term partners of animal owners.

Optimising the use of resources and energy consumption are part of the production process. In 2019 the company recycled 92 per cent of its waste.

Furthermore, Wahl is investing in a sustainable future by planning a new factory and office building with the most modern energy efficiency. Best of all is that the company is not developing untouched natural areas for this purpose, but revitalising an old, unused industrial site. Whether with regard to walking or grazing, conserving nature helps animals and also humans to stay healthy.


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