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Sonac produces valuable and essential ingredients for the production of pet food. We do that with the mission of our clients in mind: to give pets the tastiest and healthiest pet food and treats available. Our natural ingredients play a significant role in achieving this, providing the following functionalities for your pet foods: high-quality sources of fat, protein and minerals, digestibility, palatability, binding, colour and health.

We make sure that our products are produced according to international standards such as ISO and GMP+. That is our responsibility as a market leader. Large factories with state-of-the-art processing techniques guarantee constant quality control of incoming goods and final products.

Sonac processes the products in the fastest possible way, ensuring freshness of the raw materials when processed. In processing we adjust the conditions in such a way that digestibility and palatability are optimal. Joint projects with our strategic customers are undertaken in order to meet specific customer requirements. New products are developed in order to contribute in a specific way to the health and well-being of our pets.

Sonac specialities comprise a range of high-protein binders. These proteins combine high protein levels with excellent digestibility and a high binding capacity. The proteins range from medium to high functionality, reversible and non-reversible, resulting in optimal ingredients for a wide range of binding applications. The protein binders are also very well suited to chunk forming, pellet or kibble binding and pet treat production.


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