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Safer, gentler, easier to use, more effective

Foolee,  Eazee deshedding tool,  Swees International

You love everything about your pet except the shedding. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easier way to remove it? That's why Foolee created the Eazee deshedding tool. Safer: unlike ordinary metal deshedding tools, our composite plastic comb has smooth, rounded teeth, so there are no sharp edges that can scratch you or your pet. Gentler: thanks to Eazee's unique design, there's no risk of pulling live hair. Removes 100 per cent dead hair, 0 per cent live hair, so your pet will enjoy being groomed every day. Easier to use: Eazee's precisely balanced head and contoured handle make deshedding your pet a breeze. To dispose of the loose hair you've collected, simply pull the button back to eject. More effective: users can adjust the deshedding comb depth for either short or long hair by simply sliding the button. The comb can be reversed to groom thick or thin hair, and two combs for intense or mild grooming are also included. Exclusive Click&Brush system. The Eazee handle can also be used with a range of interchangeable, professional quality grooming tools for every home grooming need. A brand of Swees International.


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