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Relaunch for Mac's products

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Products under the Mac's brand are getting a design makeover. The first lines to receive the new design are dry food products for cats and the Mac's Dog Mono range of dry food.

The design focuses on the fresh ingredients that highlight the high quality of the product. Friendly colours, which are different for each variety, make it easy to distinguish the products on the shelf, while the uniform background for all items ensures a harmonious image across the range.

n addition to the design relaunch, Mac's range of dry food for cats has also undergone a recipe change and now boasts an even higher proportion of meat. All products remain grain-free, and the increase in vitamins, herbs and healthy fats makes them a superfood for dogs and cats.

The makeover of the first products will commence in the next few months at the same time as the sell-off of the old design/recipes. A new design is also being created for the Mac's website.


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