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Prins: quality produced in the Netherlands

Prins Petfoods,  natural dog and cat food

Prins Petfoods specialises in 100 per cent natural dog and cat food. It is a family company that produces high-quality products made from superior ingredients, which are always animal-cruelty-free and have no added colourings, aromas or flavourings. The speciality of Prins as a market leader in the area of pressed kibble in the Netherlands is tailor-made food for every companion animal. Prins produces a wide range from kibble to freshly frozen meat meals as well as meals which can be kept out of the refrigerator for a longer period of time and diet food. Its showpiece is the Protection kibble feed, which incorporates added herbs and minerals. Prins believes in offering added value and therefore doesn't only offer delicious and balanced food, but a complete, integrated lifestyle, providing fun and new ideas focusing on pets and every phase of their life. We share knowledge via our care team in the advice they offer and are always focused on animal welfare. Via our initiatives of Lifestyle for pets, the knowledge and inspiration platform for pet lovers, and EduPet Education, the knowledge centre for the pet industry, Prins is able to reach consumers on a daily basis and inform and inspire them. This all makes us who we are today: an innovative family company with a passion and respect for animals.


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