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Pets Nature keeps the future in mind

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Native Americans know that the earth is not ours to own; it is lent to us by our children. That is what guides Pets Nature, ensuring our actions are in the interests of future generations - both human and animal. This sustainable approach is evident at many levels.

Pets Nature was founded in 1999 and the company's philosophy pivots on providing premium nutrition for pets: "We achieve this with our catz finefood, Chewies, yummeez, dogz finefood and PURBELLO brands, which are cruelty-free and are well-established in the German pet food market.

"Product development focuses on high-quality, locally procured raw materials. The Chewies grapevine dog chew is one example of a new, highly sustainable product. These woody stems are a naturally sourced by-product from the pruning of vines in Baden-Württemberg.

For Pets Nature, "Made in Germany" production, paperless office working and environmentally friendly dispatch routes are also part of the company's sustainable approach towards the future.


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