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Out soon: Josera Kitten grainfree

Josera petfood, grain-free rearing food ,  Josera Kitten grainfree

As soon as kittens emerge into the world, they and their mother need special care. In the first few months it is imperative to ensure the required nutrients are provided. The new Josera Kitten grainfree satisfies this requirement thanks to its energy-rich recipe with tasty poultry and valuable salmon oil.

The easily digestible, grain-free rearing food is perfect for growing cats up to 12 months as well as for pregnant and lactating cats. Mother and kitten will enjoy the extra poultry content, which provides a taste experience to delight even the smallest kitten. A full 140 g of fresh meat is processed for every 100 g of dry food. And the finishing touch is that the new dry cat food contains special dietetic fibres to counteract hairball formation.

Josera Kitten grainfree will be available from the end of May 2020 in the customary sizes of 400 g, 2 kg, 4.25 kg and 10 kg as well as in sample form.


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