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New: Josera Hypoallergenic

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Humans are not the only ones to be plagued increasingly by allergies; dogs, too, are affected to a growing extent. The trigger for food intolerances in canines is often constituted by certain protein structures. Josera has accepted the challenge here, and from May 2020 will be distributing its new exclusive product Josera Hypoallergenic as a complete dietetic food for reducing food intolerances.

The grain-free recipe of Josera Hypoallergenic typically features a limited number of ingredients plus insects as an unusual source of animal protein. For adult dogs with a sensitive stomach, this easy-to-digest food is a real boon. Its moderate fat and protein content also make it suitable as a food for older canines, and it contains L-carnitine and taurine to support the cardiac function.

The new dry dog food Josera Hypoallergenic will be available from May 2020 in the familiar 900 g, 4.5 kg and 15 kg packs and also as a sample.


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